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Columbia Pictures Auctions and Columbia/TriStar Television Auctions at Yahoo
Both sites are divisions of Sony Entertainment. Columbia Pictures Auctions have recently sold items from the film "Ali" and costumes from the Jodie Foster film "Panic Room." Columbia/Tristar TV Auctions has offered items from their various TV shows in the past, including "Party of Five."

Disney Auctions on eBay
An opportunity to bid on authentic Disney items online, including Movie & TV Props - some straight from the Studio's Prop Department. They also have a section dedicated to Theme Park Treasures, where you can find many historical memorabilia from Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and their other parks. There are new items posted often - worth checking frequently.

Fox Auctions on eBay and Fox Auctions on Yahoo
Memorabilia from 20th Century Fox films, and items from Fox Network television shows. Original art from "The Simpsons" were recently sold on the eBay site. On Yahoo, items were sold from the film "Ice Age," and they are currently offering items from the "Alien" film series.

Lucasfilm Ltd. Auctions on eBay
The official place for Star Wars auctions online recently sold an authentic Darth Maul stunt saber used during filming of "The Phantom Menace," an original stormtrooper helmet, and model recreations constructed by the special effects experts at ILM. Although no new auctions have been held at the site, it is hoped that with the release of the next Star Wars film, "Attack of the Clones," more auctions may appear soon.

Newline Cinema Auctions
Auctions from "Lord of the Rings," "Blade II," and "Austin Powers" were seen here, as well as a link to their own online Studio Store.

Warner Bros. Auctions on eBay
Items found on the Warner Bros. official online auction site have included the wardrobe from Steven Soderbergh's "Ocean's Eleven," and the boat used for filming "The Perfect Storm." Although the site has not been regularly updated, new items are promised in the near future.

Almost all the major online Auction sites have special pages for movie props and memorabilia. Although not all of the auctions listed are guaranteed to offer authentic items, they are still definitely worth searching for items with a selective eye. Props & Wardrobe Auctions

eBay Movie Auctions
Seperate sections include Movie Props, Movie Wardrobe, and Movie Scripts.

Yahoo Movie & TV Auctions

Although known mosty for the sale of fine art and other historical artifacts, the major auction houses that have existed long before their was anything sold on the internet have had auctions of movie memorabilia every so often - and are worth checking periodically.




Last Update: 30 March 2002

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