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Team Banzai poses at the Sepulveda Dam in Los Angeles during shooting of the film's end title footage. Production on the film itself had already wrapped when the cast re-assembled to film this sequence.

A prologue that was cut from the final film showed Buckaroo's father and mother, Doctors Masado and Sandra Banzai (James Saito and Jamie Lee Curtis), during an early experiment that ended in tragedy. In this rare photo, young Buckaroo poses with them in front of their jet car.

Young Buckaroo celebrates a birthday with his parents in a "home movie" prologue sequence that was cut from the finished film.

Buckaroo Banzai (Peter Weller) backstage at "Artie'z Artery" before his show.

"Buckaroo Banzai" director W.D. (Rick) Richter takes a moment to relax on the set of the 1938 flashback sequence in Dr. Lizardo and Professor Hikita's laboratory. Richter also directed "Late for Dinner" and wrote "Big Trouble in Little China."

While Professor Hikita (Robert Ito, rear center) continues to work, the Hong Kong Cavaliers are interviewed. Left to right: Pepe Serna as Reno, Lewis Smith as Perfect Tommy, Francine Lembi as the television reporter, and Clancy Brown as Rawhide. In the finished film, this sequence appears briefly on Dr. Lizardo's hospital television.

Stephen Dane, designer of Buckaroo's jet car, poses with the vehicle under construction.

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