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During a press conference, the evil Lectroids kidnap Professor Hikita. (Left to right) Christopher Lloyd (John Bigboote), Robert Ito (Hikita), director W.D. Richter, and Ellen Barkin (Penny Priddy) rehearse the scene.

Pinky Carruthers (Billy Vera), saddled on his horse, keeps fans at bay who have gathered outside the Banzai Institute. During post-production, actors added background voices for this scene, including a voice for the woman on the far right - who recognizes Professor Hikita when he arrives.

Mrs. Johnson (Laura Harrington) watches Buckaroo and the Cavaliers as they head off into the Institute to view the message from John Emdall. (Note: Next time you watch this scene, keep your eyes on Mrs. Johnson's lollipop when Buckaroo enters.)

"Buckaroo Banzai" Production Designer J. Michael Riva poses in front of one of his outlandish creations for the lair of the Lectroids. At the time of the film's production, Riva was married to Jamie Lee Curtis (who had a small part that was cut from the film).

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